GreenShields is saving the world... school bus at a time! When Jonny Cohen was in seventh grade he had an idea. He realized that by affixing a simple device to the top of school buses he could significantly improve their fuel effiency. After many diagrams, calculations, simulations, and wind tunnel experiments the GreenShield was born. We hope to have one of Jonny's amazing devices on every school bus in America, or perhaps even the world!

What kind of savings are we talking about here?

The current version of the GreenShield, version 4, has been shown to improve gas mileage of school buses by 10-20%. If there was a GreenShield on every bus in America we could reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere by 1.8 million tons per year! In addition, we would be saving U.S. schools nearly 300 million dollars annually!

How does it work?

The GreenShield works by taking advantage of a simple principal of aerodynamics. Its unique shape reduces fluid separation at the top of the school bus, thereby lowering the coefficient of drag. This reduced drag force makes it easier for the bus to move through the air, requiring less fuel to move the same distance. It's all explained in this simple equation:

Fd = 1/2*Pv^2*Cd*A

What is it made of?

The GreenShield V4 is made of fiberglass and epoxy resin. And it's coated with a layer of school bus yellow paint, of course!

How much will it cost?

Although the GreenShield is not yet ready for retail markets, we expect the cost to be somewhere around $500. At that price, it would pay for itself in less than one year!

Where can I purchase one?

Currently the GreenShield is unavailable for purchase. However, if you contact us we will let you know as soon as it is available!